A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This pinball game was originally made in spring of 2016 for a class assignment. Main game was made in about a week. Lots of eggs. Lots of puns.

CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE GAME (download button is kind of weird with links)


Install instructions

The download button just takes you to a link where you can play the game in browser. Please allow pop up windows and tabs. OR just click the link in the description above. There is also now downloadable builds. Just download and extract the zip files.


SpEGGtacularPinballWindows.zip 19 MB
SpEGGtacularPinballMac.zip 22 MB
Link to SpEGGtacular Pinball in browser


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Tnx for the build. :) If possible, I suggest to rise up the global game speed.

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A downloadable build, please? WebGL has known ram issues

Ah thank you for letting me know about this. I'm sorry for getting back to you so late, but the downloadable build is now up